Monday, May 23, 2011

From a student: There are many stories i have the oppertunity to share, but what are the ones that truly mean something? Now that is the question i hope to answer. Something i have long dealt with is the fear of being afraid, or commonly known as panic attacks.

Ever since i was a child, i have woken up in the dead of the night it a horrible sweat. Sometimes it was from nothing but a slight cramp in my stomach, or the memories of a bad dream, none the less, it was a terrible experience. It seemed un-controllable, and many times, i often threw up, or missed much needed rest. For most my life, the night was a thing to be dreaded, because it seemed the times when i was most helpless and open to the attacks, panic at

Fear can manipulate the mind, but only if you let it. And if you do, it can play a physical affect as well. Several times my hands have felt frozen, and i was unable to move them. Oh how terrifying. To be paralized for moment, which seemed to drown on for hours, how terrifying.

by anonymous

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